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 the tibetanUplifting and expansive channeled teachings of the Tibetan are available as download or CD. A perfect soul companion geared for in-depth study. 

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What the Heaven is Happening? The Cosmic Perspective Phone Class with Moriah & the Tibetan 

NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 6:30-7:30pm EST
TUITION: $20 (limited to 10 participants) On-going enrollment - Join anytime

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Sacred Explorations Tele-Chat with Moriah and the Tibetan

 Sunday, Dec 21, 2014. 12pm-1:15pm EST

Times are a'changin
As you may know, Moriah is going through a very intense clearing of all “non-self”. The process is BIG, and it takes time. In this profound transformative process she has decided not to “full body” channel the Tibetan. Rather she will exercise her telepathic, intuitive link to the Tibetan’s consciousness.
In light of these changes the Chat with the Tibetan has been changed to Sacred Explorations with Moriah & the Tibetan. For now, the event will be offered as a tele-conference. In the future , we hope to offer the event on-site as before, but it will be livestreamed so that all can attend.
For those of you who wish to participate in Sunday's exploration click HERE to register on-line OR contact Zayne HERE. You will receive a link to the recording.
The Next Step: How will this be different?
Although the familiar personality of the Tibetan that came through in full channel will not be happening, you will still experience the energy and profound wisdom of the Tibetan, and the essence of his teaching. This will not be compromised. He still teaches with crystal clarity.
Further, the teachings may be easier to integrate. You will reap the benefit of Moriah’s full presence and personal interaction in response to the questions, insights and subject manner.
Personally, I find it more engaging, "human”, and easier to assimilate. I will no longer miss her presence when she “recedes” into the background to allow the Tibetan’s energy to fully take over. Moriah’s consciousness and her psychological-metaphysical brilliance serves as a beautiful nexus for the Tibetan’s consciousness in their cosmic blend. This is her next step…

The NEW Chat! Sacred Explorations with Moriah and the Tibetan

Join us at 12pm (EST) on Sunday, December 21 for our second Sacred Exploration with Moriah and the Tibetan. 

Moriah blends her powerful, telepathic, intuitive link to the Tibetan (Master Djwhal Khul) with her psychological and spiritual wisdom in this exploration of topics pertinent to the new millenium  and the challenges/opportunites we all face during this unprecedented  paradigm shift in consciousness. Share your questions or insights, phrased for group benefit, and receive divine guidance in this sacred circle of kindred souls. The exploration is potent, deep, inspiring, fast moving, and transformative. 

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A recording of this 75minute tele-exploration will be sent to participants shortly after the call. 

looking forward to hearing you on the call! 

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