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Every 1st Wednesday

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What the Heaven is Happening? The Cosmic Perspective Phone Class with Moriah & the Tibetan 

NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 6:30-7:30pm EST
TUITION: $20 (limited to 10 participants) On-going enrollment - Join anytime

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Upcoming Intensive Retreat: Transforming Shame to Honor

Dear Community,

For many of us, self-shame impedes our soul’s evolution and negates our ability to open to the new consciousness. Come join us and immerse yourselves into the “alchemical cauldron” of the School of the Golden Discs to transform your shame to honor during our next Intensive Retreat, Columbus Day Weekend, October 11-13.

For inspiration, stay tuned for details of the Intensive weekend. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further inquery. 

Wishing you a beautiful Fall equinox!

Great Joy and Blessings,

Moriah & Zayne


Early Bird Tuition Special!

Register HERE by Thursday, October 2

to reserve your space and save $60!


New Student Tuition Special!

All new Intensive students half price

See schedule (below) for our Intensive Retreats. They are held at the School of the Golden Discs located in hills of western MA .


For those of you who wish to delve DEEPLY into the psychological and spiritual process of the topics we plan to offer, these special events are the ticket! We hope you can join us.

       Experience the magic of these Intensives!

  • Moriah’s masterful group facilitation, teaching and insights
  • Daily sittings with Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan
  • Soul synergy and sacred communion of kindred spirits
  • Open to receive universal energy (qigong) with instructor, Zayne
  • Shamanic Journeys with shaman, Nancela Howe
  • Meal sharing and evening play
  • Commune with the wild beauty of nature’s surroundings 


Intensive Retreat Schedule

*Columbus Day Weekend, Sat. Oct. 11-Mon. Oct 13: Transforming Shame to Honor. Early bird tuition special! Register HERE by Sunday, Sept. 28 and save $60.

*November Weekend: A possibility: Overcoming Resistance and Opening to the Flow. Stay tuned for date announcement!

*Holiday Weekend, Sat. Dec. 27-Mon. Dec. 29: FAITH: Finding, Maintaining, & Leaping. Early bird tuition special: Register HERE by Sunday, Dec. 14 and save $60.

It was absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for making it possible for me to be a part of this amazing intensive. It was a blessing! I am in awe of you, of the Tibetan master, and the unending source of wisdom. You have no idea how important you are in my life. In your school, I feel accepted as I am, for the first time in my life. I thank you with all my heart, and all my love.--Student, Shelburne Falls, MA

I've been blessed for six years by the offerings of The School of the Golden Discs. What a powerful crucible for change the two and a half day Intensives can be. Imagine the combination of gentle, healing movement  followed by honest, respectful sharing around the circle and laughter in the midst of mutual challenges.Then add delicious shared meals, good conversation and fun in the beauty of rolling hills...these Intensives have helped me shed old, worn out ways of being and have increased my joy and vitality immensely. I highly recommend attending one--Gaella E., Student







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