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 the tibetanUplifting and expansive channeled teachings of the Tibetan are available as download or CD. A perfect soul companion geared for in-depth study. 

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A Tribute to our Founder

Our wonderful and beautiful founder, Moriah Marston has made her transition to the higher planes. The soul of the School of the Golden Discs, she completed her Earth Mission on Tuesday, March 24th, surrounded by friends and family in her home. Thank you to our beloved community for so much love and support over these past few very difficult but grace filled months. We love you, Moriah-Firestar. Thank you for your boundless joy, enthusiasm, love and service. The School (since 1991) will continue to promote the profound teachings and huge Body of Thought related to the emerging New Consciousness.


 INWARD UNBOUND, here we go!  The School of the Golden Discs is delighted to announce our NEXT STEP through seminar intensives and conference calls; THE MASTERS AND THE CALL TO BE SERIES starting this Fall.

In this on-going series we will uncover, claim, and nourish our INNER SAGE through a process of GROUP SYNERGY, a magic that is experienced through sharing our heart and soul in a safe, confidential, and intimate container--OUR School.  It is unique to the group we create.  Stay tuned for details. We hope you can join us on this enlightening journey...together. Welcome to the Aquarian Age, dear community!

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