3-Day Seminar Intensive Recording-Self Love-End of Self Betrayal

The Tibetan, (Master Djwhal Khul) teaches on Self-Love, Healing the Origin of Self-Betrayal, Embracing Self into the Mystery, and the Practice, Quality, and Feeling of Self-Love. Received through Moriah Marston, recorded live at the School of the Golden Discs.
Part 2: The Practice, Quality and Feeling of Self-Love
Part 3: Embracing Self into the Mystery
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Part 1: Dynamics of Self-Betrayal: Healing the Origin

Track 1: Moriah Reads her Article on Self Love

Track 2-5 The Tibetan teaches on Self-Love the road to true humility

Track 6-7 Depression

Tracks 8-9 Template of Rejection, Hiding

Tracks 10-11 the Becoming process

Tracks 12-14 Unconditional Love, magnet for kindred spirits

Tracks 15-19 Inner critic, healing shame, Agent of movement

Part 2: The Practice, Quality and Feeling of Self-Love

Track 1-3 Self love heals all wounds

Tracks 4-5 Passion, patience, illusion of time

Tracks 6-9 Self's needs vs. others, Finding balance.

Tracks 10-11 Co-creating new template, Safety, authenticity, practicality

Tracks 12-14 Breaking habits and cage of Self betrayal

Tracks 15-16 Fear of rejection

Part 3: Embracing Self into the Mystery

Track 1 Self Awe, Who am I?

Tracks 2-3 Earth as template for the soul

Tracks 4-6 Shame vs. Compassion

Tracks 7-11 Vow of Self Love in spirit of play, improvisation

Tracks 12-13 Basking in a sea of Love

Tracks 14-15 Embracing all aspects of Self

Track 16- Blocks to self-love

Track 17-Loving present, presence, and focus

Track 18 Lovign Self and others

Track 19 Receiving the diamond Vajra


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