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What the Heaven is Happening? The Cosmic Perspective Phone Class with Moriah & the Tibetan 

NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 6:30-7:30pm EST
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Labor Day Weekend Intensive Retreat: Overcoming Resistance, Opening to the Flow

August 30- September 1, 2014

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So many of us feel caught in a prison of resistance that holds us in suspension throughout most of our lives. If only we could be free to sail along the Path, reaching for our soul’s passions without any trace of internal opposition. We would accomplish so much more and be deeply fulfilled. At the end of each day we would savor the sweet satisfaction of having fully facilitated our soul’s desires.


But what happens?


Have you ever tried to do something that feeds your heart and soul but never acted upon it?

What is that strange force that cages you in a powerful grip while a piece of you— sad, depressed, angry, frustrated and lonely for yourself—pines to go forward?

Resistance keeps our heart’s desire at a distance, just out of reach, like the carrot before the donkey, never granting us that moment to break free and go for it! Everyone has something that they have postponed and yet yearned for it…

What are you waiting for?

Are you married to your resistance or are you married to your soul?

How do you unconsciously feed your resistance? Has it worked or simply strengthened the resistance?

What was it like when you finally moved beyond resistance and realized that it was easier than you thought to get started?


Seminar Intensives: General Description

Cultivate the Emerging Consciousness with MORIAH MARSTON & the TIBETAN and Harness the Energies of these Transformational Times


The intent of these intensives is to provide a fresh new vantage point on psychological and spiritual themes pertinent to meeting the challenges and to harness the opportunities of these transformational times. These seminars are geared to liberate the soul from limiting beliefs, blockages and trauma, access and express the soul's magnitude, experience a shift in consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth.