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What the Heaven is Happening? The Cosmic Perspective Phone Class with Moriah & the Tibetan 

NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 6:30-7:30pm EST
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Memorial Day Weekend 3-Day Intensive Retreat - Walking the Path of the Truthsayer


take a three-day soul journey with Moriah & the Tibetan


Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-26


School of the Golden Discs, Colrain, MA


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Finding the courage to speak your truth

and refining the delicate art of expressing it.



 Repress your truth no longer—we need it!


The School of the Golden Discs joyfully offers a 3-day intensive retreat in a magical, bucolic setting away for the distractions of life to deeply explore the dynamics, process, fears and spiritual artistry of speaking your truth.


Are you ready to be liberated?


In the new Age of Aquarius we are called to explore a new freedom never previously experienced by humankind. There are million of unspoken truths that have the potential to liberate us at long last.  We simply have to break the spell that has silenced us into submissive hiding.


YES, the truth shall set us free!


One of the central archetypes of Aquarius is the Truthsayer. To embrace this principle allows humankind to rapidly release its self-imposed prison of dishonesty, lies, fabrication, falsification, half-truth, untruth, hiding, shame and repression. We are so used to this prison that we forget how it dominates our world and restricts our soul.

Seminar Intensives: General Description

Cultivate the Emerging Consciousness with MORIAH MARSTON & the TIBETAN and Harness the Energies of these Transformational Times


The intent of these intensives is to provide a fresh new vantage point on psychological and spiritual themes pertinent to meeting the challenges and to harness the opportunities of these transformational times. These seminars are geared to liberate the soul from limiting beliefs, blockages and trauma, access and express the soul's magnitude, experience a shift in consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth.