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After Shock of Loss & Devastation: As the Dust Settles

Saturday, July 25 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It has been over 3 months now since Moriah passed. Any lingering numbness employed to protect myself from her physical loss has worn off.  I can taste it, feel it—the trauma of loss deep inside my soul and heart. 

Surveying the rubble of this level of devastation, I stand in the mystery of the experience.  It's like getting in a car accident, first feeling nothing, then awakening to the gashing wounds.

Questions have surfaced and beg for answers such as: How deep has the loss penetrated? Is the wounding life threatening?  How long will it take to heal? How can I best cope with this staggering inversion of life as I have known it? What is my next step? What is the learning for my soul through this level of loss?

 I am aware that this life circumstance is so much more than what it presents. It's like the catacombs of devastating loss from past lives have been touched, awakened, and catalyzed; flushing out pockets of pain and grief that i never knew lived inside my being. Let's call it multi-dimensional loss and grief.

The Tibetan has emphasized how the energies of these times are creating situations that breakdown any attachment to the familiar. Devastation is afoot! Have you noticed?

What has been perceived as "comfortable and known" is on the chopping block, or meat grinder for that matter. That's what it feels like! It's not punishment from Source (tempting to go there).  Rather it is an initiatory imperative from the Universe for us to evolve in response to devastation.  Breakdown. Breakthrough. Pushing us into the mystery of our becoming.

So come join us in this exploration of the after shock of the loss of Moriah (and so much more) in this one-day Summer Seminar at the School of the Golden Discs.

The cost of tuition is donation basis. Suggested cost is $120, but give whatever you feel you can afford. If you wish to attend contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In-Joy and Faith, Zayne, Director
School of the Golden Discs


Harnessing the power of group synergy and the strength, support and sharing of community in an intimate and safe setting, we will continue to explore, uncover, deepen our awareness, of the impact that devastating loss inflicts upon our psyche, emotional body and soul, both collectively and individually. Also, to clear the false beliefs, false conclusions, and any negativity that surfaced from the experience of loss and open to the a new and refreshed state of mind.

*What feelings have surfaced due the physical death of Moriah and/or other life experiences of devastating loss.

*How can we accept, cope and breakthrough the steely grip of loss, devastation, and breakdown?

*What are hidden blessings of having our lives “inverted” through losses of this nature?

*How do these life circumstances help evolve our soul. What are we learning?


9:30-10:30: Qigong with Zayne. Open to and receive Universal Energy. 

10:30-1:30 Group processing the after shock of loss and devastation through losing Moriah, "Our Guiding Light”, and exploring the depths of what such loss and shock touches deep inside our being.

1:30-2:30:  Lunch, journaling, relaxing, communing with nature.

2:30-4:0:. Final words. Sharing. What is the next step of the School? ? Closure.

4:00-6:00: Fire ceremony with Shaman, Nancela Howe. Burning off the dross of loss, false beliefs and false conclusions associated with loss and devastation. Opening to the new. 

6:00-8:30: Pot luck celebration, and communion.

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