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The School of the Golden Discs  is a center for psycho-spiritual inquiry and applied metaphysics to assist us through these transformational times. Dedicated to building community and group consciousness, the curriculum is enhanced by the contemporary metaphysical teachings of our "headmaster" -- Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul, a.k.a. the Tibetan.  Learn more  * The events listed below are not arranged by date.  

2-Day Kirtan Immersion Weekend!

The First Annual Western Massachusetts Kirtan Camp!

A  2-day Immersion into the blissful practice of singing the Divine Name
   June 25&26, 2016. 

For beginning and experienced chanters alike. no previous kirtan/singing/musical experience necessary, just bring your open heart. 


Do you love kirtan? 

Would you like to take your practice deeper?

Would you like to expand your harmonium or vocal skills?

Do you attend kirtans and secretly (or not so secretly!) want to feel more confident chanting on your own?

Do you want to lead a chant in a supportive group setting?

Beginners and experienced chanters alike are invited to join us in a beautiful retreat-like setting in Colrain, MA, in the foothills of the Green Mountains for this two day Kirtan Intensive.  

Give yourself the gift of an extended period of time to drop deeply into yourSelf and your practice. 

June 25 & 26, 2016 at the School of the Golden Discs/Transformational Times Center for Healing. 64 Ed Clark Road, Colrain, MA.   9:30am-7pm each day. 


Space is limited and pre-registration is requsted for workshop and meal planning purposes
Please reserve your space today! 

The purpose of this weekend is:

*To hold a sacred container for our Valley Kirtan Community to come together and sing, pray, chant, express.  
*To allow for extended time to go deeply within to access the Divine Self using the medium of kirtan (mantra and chanting), and

*To gain addtional technical skills, knowledge, and confidence in playing and singing some traditional and less traditional kirtans, to take your personal practice even deeper. 

Kirtan musicians and lovers of all ages and musical development  are welcome. No previous experience is required. 

In this weekend immersion you will:

Work with professional musicians each morning on harmonium and vocal technique (suitable for beginners and experienced chanters alike)  

After lunch enjoy mantra and spiritual teaching workshops, group chanting practice, and kirtan led by Western MA Kirtan Wallahs Dave Russell and Shubal (Shubalananda Saraswati) 

The weekend will conclude with a fire ceremony led by resident Shaman Nancela Howe, and kirtan led by weekend participants.

This weekend will be faciliatated by Eleni Yalanis and Julia Amisano, professional musicans and music educators, long time devotees of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi with over 25 years of combined chanting, and teaching experience.

We are blessed to welcome and learn from Valley Kirtan Wallah's Shubalananda Saraswati (Sunday), Kalidasa Joseph Getter,  and Dave Russell and Holly Hartmann (Saturday) for workshops and evening kirtans.   

Local kirtan musicians are welcome to drop in at any time to chant, play, sing and share. 

Read more: 2-Day Kirtan Immersion Weekend!

Sound Healing Saturday: Qigong, Kirtan,Shamanic Journey, Potluck

Saturday, Sept 18, 2016

1:00-4:30 pm followed by community potluck dinner

SOUND HEALING QIGONG and spine opening and strengthening exercises, 1:00-2:30 pm ~ Instructor, Zayne Marston joyfully imparts the spirit and fundamentals of a rare, unique and POWERFUL ENERGY PRACTICE.

Combining the voice of  sound with consciousness and feeling we’ll learn how to receive source energy, activate healing, awaken vitality, clear energy blockages of the emotional body, evoke the natural power of each organ system, and integrate the wholeness of our being—very rapidly. Learn, apply and integrate the practice into your daily life. It’s easier than you think!

Read article, The Inner Alchemy of Emotional Transformation HERE

KIRTAN (devotionalchanting) with sound master, Eleni Yanis and friends 2:30-3:15 pm

SHAMANIC JOURNEY  with Peruvian trained shaman, Nancela Howe:  3:15-4:00 pm


Read more: Sound Healing Saturday: Qigong, Kirtan,Shamanic Journey, Potluck

Soul Based Spiritual Support and Qigong Energy Healing Sessions with Zayne Marston

Zayne Marston, MA, co-founded the School of the Golden Discs, a center for psychological-spiritual inquiry  in 1991 with his wife, Moriah.  

For the past 24 years he has served as Director of this thriving community, facilitiating workshops, individual sessions, seminars, weekend intensives, and qi-gong classes.  

His warm, caring presence and supportive deep listening help clients feel quickly at ease and supported in a loving container for transformational process. 

Drawing on  his studies of psychological and sociological principles, qi-gong and internal martial arts, Zayne  specializes in using movement, sound, breath and intention to move energy through the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.  

A life(times) long metaphysician, Zayne uses his profound gifts as well as his natural and well cultivated intuitive link with the Masters and the Higher Planes in a cosmic dance of spiritual artistry to accompany and support others in their transformational processes.  

A gifted writer, he is the author of the popular qigong for Health, Healing and Happiness blog, as well as numerous articles in print and online publications.  He offers qi-gong for healing and happiness classes each week in Greenfield and Colrain, and has produced a new video for home study. 

 To book a spiritual psychotherapy with qigong session with Zayne, please click HERE



The Work ahead: Evoking our Inner Master, Sharing our Sage

Soul uncovery and the unfettered expression of our "inner master," the wise sage in all of us, is the task at hand. Stay tuned for an announcement of our Fall curriculum, events and programs designed for this purpose. There is a huge body of Work of Moriah & the Tibetan that begs to be utilized--fit for soul consumption!Over time the teachings will be made more accessible to anyone and everyone who's interested in taking this next step with us. The  plan is to revisit the uplifting and expansive recorded teachings of the Tibetan, Moriah's penetrating, cogent and insightful writing, stimulate our inner knowing, share it together as a group, and apply our refreshed perspective.

Power of group synergy and community
We look forward to strengthening our community, and to experience the power of group synergy in many ways; whether its through phone conferencing, google hangout, skype, livestream or meeting on location in the School studio. So many possibilities through which to commune, as souls come together. This is the School of the Golden Discs' proposal. Care to join us?

In the stillness of the storm
Grief over the physical loss over our Guiding Light, Moriah, has caused me and School staff to travel deep within, suspended in embyonic stillness, nestled in the eye of the hurricane of one of life's intense inversions. It's taking a while, but we accept its own divine timing. All is in divine order and we trust it (we think, LOL).

Future program, summer seminar review
Within a month, you can expect an announcement of our School's first program offering.  On July 25th, we help our second seminar since Moriah's passing which addressed the aftershock of loss and devastation. It was deep and transformative and made magical through our candid sharing and exploration of the topic. Unquestionably, the room was graced with the loving presence of the Masters, including Firestar! You could feel them, and for some of us, even "see" them. This collaboration is real and continues...

The power of group synergy came through with flying colors, enhanced by Shaman, Nacela Howe who took us on a shamanic journey followed by a fire ceremony to release the "old" and invite the "new". Backed by her new harmonium, master of the sound current, Eleni Yalanis, led devotional chants and toning, which was woven through the seminar like a golden thread.We so look forward to continuing our seminars and making them available to all who are interested both through the internet and on-site.

Magic abounds!
So suddenly it's mid August! Like clockwork, the river valley fog has begun to gestate deep in the chalace of the river valley far below our School on the hill, like a dragon back snaking downstream. As the days shorten and the earth cools, these river valley mists thicken and broaden, unfurl and rise with the the sun. When the wind is right, the mists approach, then sift through the apple orchard and envelope the School, as if it were suspended in a cloud. Constant change indeed. Ahh, the mysts of Appalon, so true to the name of our property. And magic abounds!

 In Joy and Love, i remain as always,  Zayne, Director School of the Golden Discs, 413-624-9605


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