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The School of the Golden Discs  is a center for psycho-spiritual inquiry and applied metaphysics to assist us through these transformational times. Dedicated to building community and group consciousness, the curriculum is enhanced by the contemporary metaphysical teachings of our "headmaster" -- Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul, a.k.a. the Tibetan.  Learn more  * The events listed below are not arranged by date.  ‚Äč

August Chat with the Tibetan LIVE Stream 12:30-2:15pm EST

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream August 17, 2014

Begins with full chakra toning meditation (15.40 minutes long)

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Discourses on the following topics:

*Divine function of distraction

16.47 minutes

*Staying in the present

19.00 minutes

*Efficiency in multi-dimensional reality

14.47 minutes

*Neccessity of patience in natural healing

13.11 minutes

*Effectiveness of the "soft" approach

3.15 minutes

*Addressing "gridlock" of causal discharge & bombardment of energy frequencies

12 minutes


What People are Saying about The Cosmic Perspective

Be a part of this wonderful group of Cosmic Comrades. Register with the link above to reserve your spot on next month's call!

The depth, strength, and manner in which the question was covered was wonderful to experience. It was like a giant cathedral flying over the various aspects of my being that need to come to the light, dispensing the ancient wisdom of awakening. I felt great power there and it was assuring me that since a call like that can take place now and at that frequency, there has been a huge movement within the collective. Glad to be a part of it.--Participant, Vancouver, BC

These times together as a collective unique group provide a space for me to learn and grow from Dear Moriah and DK and those participating.  It never ceases to amaze me that the multiple questions I have and find difficult to verbalize (I'm working on that!) are already posed by the others on line.

These sessions provide for me an opportunity to connect and sit together basking in the presence of Dear DK/Moriah and each other.  The information we share together helps me tremendously in that it is so 'in the very present moment' -- helping me to understand that indeed I am NOT alone and the only one going through certain issues that are prevalent in the collective consciousness, how they impact us all, and what we can do to assist humanity and empower ourselves in this unprecedented shift.
-Participant M.C. Massachusetts


The Cosmic Perspective: What The Heaven Is Going On?


NEXT CLASS: February 4, 2015 2014 6:30-7:30pm EST
TUITION: $20 (limited to 10 participants), on-going enrollment, Join anytime

register online by clicking the buy now button below to receive call in number and access code

In this inspiring and deeply penetrating and concentrated  hour, phone group participants will bring questions and issues about the changes and challenges they are experiencing during this time of accelerated growth and shifting consciousness.

Moriah's intuitive blend with ascended master, Djwhal Khul (the Tibetan)  will provide a larger perspective to help group participants remember what is really going on and trust enough to open to the Great Potential of these transformational times. Free link provided to recording of phone session for study and reference. 

Listen to a Sample Audio Offering of Cosmic Perspective Phone Class! 

Maintaining Grace and Ease in the Fast and Furious Energies of Today. 

Seminar Intensives: General Description

Cultivate the Emerging Consciousness with MORIAH MARSTON & the TIBETAN and Harness the Energies of these Transformational Times


The intent of these intensives is to provide a fresh new vantage point on psychological and spiritual themes pertinent to meeting the challenges and to harness the opportunities of these transformational times. These seminars are geared to liberate the soul from limiting beliefs, blockages and trauma, access and express the soul's magnitude, experience a shift in consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth.

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