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Dear Commmunity

Sadly, Moriah passed away to cancer March 24, 2015. Please enjoy the Program of Ceremony and these writings about Moriah that were presented during her Celebration of Life Ceremony , April 18, 2015. Also please feel free to enter any comments after each writing you wish to share about her and her affect on your life. Thank you for visiting our site and stay tuned for new offerings from the School of the Golden Discs. Moriah's legacy of Love, Joy, and Possibility is deeply felt. The Great Works of the School will continue…Stay tuned!
Love to all,

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Program of Moriah's Ceremony

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Zayne's Eulogy



LOVE Story

Delivered at her Celebration of Life Ceremony, April 18, 2015

Shelburne-Buckland Community Center, Shelburne Falls, MA



moriah1I remember that night distinctly. It was February of 1991. I was living in Montague Center, MA at the time. It was about 2:OO am and I couldn’t sleep. Something drew me to the window facing Main Street. I noticed a woman walking under a streetlight with an unleashed German Shepherd by her side. Her hair was wild and curly—afro-like. I studied her intently as she disappeared around the corner.

It left me wondering; who was this mysterious creature of the night, walking with her familia when everyone sleeps? I also wondered what drew me to the window in my restless state at that very moment.

Well, about a month later a woman called, responding to an ad-flyer, LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN ENERGY I had pinned to the post office bulletin board. She wanted to purchase my product! (the only person that ever responded to my ad, by the way). During our lively conversation I was struck how we couldn’t stop talking. There was an uncanny resonance—like I knew her.

When she finally dropped by the house, to my amazement she turned out to be the person that was walking that late winter evening. My goodness! I felt in that moment that Destiny knocked on my door. To make a long story short, we married exactly 23 years ago today!!! And what a journey it’s been…

To be wedded to Moriah was like hopping on a fast moving train that doesn’t stop for stations. No time to catch my breath. Just be in the moment was the only way to manage the velocity of our soul trajectory. We titled our marriage. “Two fools on a foolhardy quest for mystical union.” And so it began…TO READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

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Shared with client

We were discussing death and I mentioned a feeling mine would be sudden. Moriah then remarked, “Actually, I always wanted a long death myself. Death is a teacher, completely shattering any sense of ego and catapulting you into another place and time. Ironically, it’s transformative even though in may be incredibly painful.”

A talk with Moriah in therapy session about death,Feb 3, 1993

Shared to Zayne by the client, April 18, 2015

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


TRIBUTE TO MORIAH from Peggy Cronin

I have a friend named Ruth who likes to say, “there’s lots more of me back where I come from.” Part of Moriah’s gift is that she helped us all get to the more of ourselves – parts that we couldn’t see on our own, parts that we had been taught to hide or diminish, parts that we were shy about or scared to step into. I know things about myself – I have pieces of myself – that I got to only because of my work and play with Moriah.

I know I am not alone in this – this is true for many people, likely for all of us here in this room – you are a better version of yourself, you have a sense of your own expansiveness, you have a commitment to the sacredness of your soul – because you had sessions with Moriah, because you sat in chats or intensives as she channeled the Tibetan; because you knew her and were touched by her wisdom, her warmth, her courage; because you were instructed and awed by the way she modeled how true power flows from vulnerability; or because you were inspired by her deep, wild love for exploring mystery and working magic.

Moriah encouraged, cajoled, supported, and sometimes insisted that we take the next step, and the step after that, and another step, into our own magnificence. Furthermore, she created a circle big enough and flexible enough for all of our wildly different magnificences to blossom together, a circle in which we came to support each other with tenderness and care. Like Duke Ellington or SunRa or Leonard Bernstein, Moriah was a generous, powerful, idiosyncratic conductor; a radical, creative genius; a courageous pioneer. She was beyond category. TO READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

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Sharing about Moriah from Soldann, Dr. Stan Greenberg

Hi Every One! Thank You sooo much for coming and sharing in the celebration of life of Our Beloved Gail, Moriah, Fire Star. And of course, thanks to all who have already shared and played and sung, as well as those to follow.

As I came to know and love Fire Star over the years, it became increasingly clear that we were, and remain Soul Brother and Sister. We validated and so easily multi dimensionally tracked each others’ communications and pictures of reality. This was magnified in our gatherings as a Quaternity with beloved Zayne and Nancela, and of course, extended to our contacts with Our extended soul family and Community.

Several days before her passing, as I was coming up the oh so familiar driveway of Apple-on, I had this vision and knowing that I and We were witnessing and experiencing the passing of a “Saint!” Certainly not as that term may be conventionally used, yet a Saint indeed! Her love, compassion, courage, wisdom, brilliance, joy, humor, vision, teachings and sharings touched and awakened so many lives. As we can see by this Gathering today, her many aspects appreciated, and were reflected in/as our Diversity.

She invited magic, and her brilliant astrological and psycho spiritual knowings and insights led us to expansive pictures of our gifts and our soul purposes. She gifted us with, and modelled her honesty and vulnerability. She invited us to embody our Wholeness and authenticity in all of our unique aspects, including our growing edges. She was fond of teasing me about my “crankiness” and assorted other edges, as well as encouraging and perceiving my gifts and wisdom. Her love for Beauty, colors, clothes, jewelry, flowers, nature, wildness, music and fun, to say nothing of her beloved animal companions, enhanced so richly being in her presence and company. I feel so privileged!

As we were holding Vigil during Fire Star’s last months, weeks, and days of embodiment, I increasingly spent lots of time with her and dear ones, including the amazing Hospice Team. I/We had many sleep overs, and our loving bonds and Community became more evident.

On several nights when I slept at my home, I had a profound encounter with a movie called “The Fault with Our Stars.” It is a film about 2 teenagers, Hazel and Gus, who meet at a cancer support group. As one reviewer put it: “They have an ascerbic wit and a disdain for the conventional….” It’s based on a best selling young adult novel by author John Green. It seemed that every time I turned on my tv and HBO, there it was! And each time I watched, I found myself crying lots. It became a catalyst and vehicle for me to contact, and emote, and release my profound grief. It was so synchronistic with all that was happening—it became my ally. This happened several times. Almost every time I turned on the tv, there it was playing, and each time the floodgates of emotion were released.TO READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

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Our Dearest Moriah-lah…

How can we live our lives without Moriah?

Being ever grateful for Moriah’s presence here, sometimes we are shocked into the reality of her passing. We ask ourselves, “How could someone so alive, one who embodied so much life, no longer be?”

The answer can only be that Moriah could never die. And it is the unfolding of our collective commitment to her, to shed our grief when we are ready, to meet her where she is, and to allow her light to continue to shine on us.

For who but Fire* opened our consciousness so that we could glimpse beyond the veils of this material world?

Who but Moriah, through her immense compassion and fierce devotion to each of us, helped us to remember that we are all truly One?

Who but Moriah’s magnificent spirit reminds us that we are all magnificent spirits who agreed to be in this form for such a short while? READ MORE AND TO COMMENT SEE BELOW

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HONORING MORIAH by Close friend & Shaman, Nancela Howe

Welcome everyone, as we gather to create a vessel of light, love and healing for all in the circle, all in the web of life and for our beloved Moriah. This is the time to Remember all that she has given us and taught us.

We are each being forced to learn how to surf the waves that life brings us and how to navigate these turbulent waters. I want us all to take a deep breath, release all our concerns, smooth out our energy and find a place of balance.

We are all struggling: some hearts heavy, hurting; tears flowing; others angry with the Masters for taking our precious loved one away; our lower minds scrambled from trying to make sense of this all as Moriah’s soul embarked upon this initiation; pulling us in the undertow with her; teaching us to surrender to the greater mystery and keeping our hearts opened. Now is the time to treasure the small kernels of sweetness and adding it to the cauldron of bitterness that holds our grief. Treasure the moments of softness, of joy and of laughter. Moriah has touched all our lives so deeply, so profoundly; pushing us pass our false beliefs of limitation; stretching our minds with her brilliant insight. Her radiant smile lifting our spirits, her quick laugher and her love in playing, singing and making music.READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

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REMEMBERING MORIAH by oldest friend, Ellen Eller

Moriah and I met as Ithaca College freshmen in the fall of 1966. We were both majoring in Spanish, although she soon switched to Sociology, even though it meant taking Statistics (the bane of her existence back then).

It was an exciting time to be in college, with the Viet Nam War, the Civil Rights movement and the Generation Gap as a backdrop. We enjoyed Freedom with a capital "F"... outrageousness of all kinds and great music. And living down the hall from each other, on the 4th floor of a Hi-Rise dorm for 4 years--yes, the same hall of the same dorm for 4 years--Moriah and I transitioned into adulthood together, with all the craziness and mystery of that emotional roller coaster.

I remember one time we chopped down a live Christmas tree for the dorm, against all rules. Moriah and I had to smuggle it up 6 flights of stairs. No one realized the tree that had looked so small in the forest would be too big to fit in our car. We ended up stuffing as much as we could of it into the trunk, and Moriah volunteered to ride back there to keep it from falling out on the bumpy ride back to school...

 I remember piling into a friend's car one dark night, driving out to the empty service roads of the Tompkins County Airport and sharing a joint we made by emptying the tobacco out of a Newport cigarette and sucking up grass through the paper tube, since none of us knew how to roll...TO READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

Read more: REMEMBERING MORIAH by oldest friend, Ellen Eller

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