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Qigong Video with Zayne


In this rich 76 minute video, qigong instructor Zayne Marston joyfully presents a series of ancient and very simple Chinese exercises that unify breath, awareness, movement and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the blood, lymph and vital life energy (known as qi or chi).

Geared for beginners and easy to learn and integrate into your life, these exercises are gentle, flowing, relaxing, uplifting and energizing. Zayne will take you into the experience of qigong as he imparts the spirit and fundamentals of this life nourishing, holistic practice.  (click here to order your copy for only $20!)

The exercises are divided into chapters, which enable you to quickly access a complete qigong exercise to suit the time you make available.


About Zayne

Zayne has experienced transformative results through practicing qigong since 1991. This has inspired him to share these exercises with fellow seekers of health, healing and happiness. Following the 9-11 tragedy, Zayne was guided to teach qigong to help his fellow brothers and sisters stay calm, center, strong and vibrantly alive during these challenging times. His teaching style is playful, inspiring and informative. 

Recorded LIVE at Green River Yoga, Greenfield, MA

Video production, Janet Masucci,

Music: Lauren Feinstein, “Alignment”

To order DVD  click HERE or contact Zayne: 413-624-9605/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purchase includes link to instructions of the exercises

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